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Silica Hydride
What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

What is Silica Hydride?

Supplements labeled “silica hydride” are marketed as a kind of universal cure, said to promote wellness, prevent disease, and potentially cure virtually all illnesses. As a chemical term, “silica hydride” is not well defined, but supplements sold under that name appear to contain a mixture of silicon and oxygen (silica), along with hydrogen (supposedly in the form of hydrides) as well as various minerals. Proponents of this supplement claim that much of human illness results from the presence in ordinary tap water of too many positively charged hydrogen ions. Silica hydride supplements, they say, remedy this by providing negatively charged hydrogen ions (hydride ions). These hydride ions are said to act as powerful antioxidants to increase cellular production of energy and...

Safety Issues

No serious adverse effects were reported in the two published human trials noted above. 1 However, because the term “silica hydride” does not have a precise chemical meaning, it is difficult to make a general statement regarding the safety of substances said to contain it.