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Sinusitis Treatment: Herbs

There are 3 Herbs treatments for Sinusitis.
Written by sshowalter.

Some research studies have shown that certain herbal combinations can help to treat the symptoms and, sometimes also, the underlying cause of sinus infections. Herbs can be a great, more natural way of treating sinusitis.

Treatments include:


Effect of Herbal Combinations on Sinusitis

A standardized combination of four herbs (primrose, gentian root, elderberry, common sorrel and vervain) has undergone some study as a treatment of sinusitis.

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Effect of Eucalyptus Oil on Sinusitis

An extract of eucalyptus oil, cineole, is thought to thin mucous characteristic of sinusitis.

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Effect of Pelargonium sidoides on Sinusitis

An alcohol extract made from Pelargonium sidoideshas become popular in Germany as a treatment for various respiratory problems, including acute bronchitis , the common cold ,...

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