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Sinusitis and Neti Pot

Written by sshowalter, ritasharma.

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The concept of nasal irrigation roots back to practices in Ayurveda. A saline solution (of water, salt, and sometimes sodium bicarbonate) is mixed and poured through the nasal passage with a small pot (made of clay, glass, metal or, most commonly in the west- plastic.) Though the sensation can be a little strange at first, most people get used to the feeling and even come to look forward to it.

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Effect of Neti Pot on Sinusitis

Some people find that clearing the nasal passage with a neti pot can help relieve some symptoms of sinusitis.

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Research Evidence on Neti Pot

Luckily, though it hasn't been studied extensively, you can find a neti pot at a local drug store, and try it out for yourself! Some people find that simply clearing out their nasal passage once a day or every few days, really helps to relieve their symptoms!

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