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Experiences with Sleep Apnea and Pillar Palatal Implants

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Posted 9 years ago

Prior to the procedure, I had two sleep studies, documenting 19 episodes of apnea per hour. A diagnosis of moderate, bordering on severe sleep apnea. One year after the procedure, and another sleep study, I am down to 15 episodes per hour. This is considered mild apnea. I am not obese, quite the contrary, only 185 pds and over 6 ft tall male. No weight loss came into consideration. It worked in my case. Not a complete fix, obviously, but a step in the right direction.

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mat.j.collins 9 years ago

Hi Patxwa. Good to hear you have had a positive experience with your Pillar Palatal implants. The information will be useful for others with sleep apnea. Can you share some about your quality of sleep since the surgery? Have you noticed any improvement in the rest you receive each night?

I would be interested in hearing updates to any further experiences you have trying various sleep apnea treatments.