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Sleep Apnea and Yoga

Effect of Yoga on Sleep Apnea

Yoga involves physical poses, breathing techniques, and meditation that are done with controlled breathing to promote relaxation of your mind and body. This form of mental and physical discipline began thousands of years ago in India. The word yoga was derived from a Sanskrit word which means to yoke or unify. With yoga, you unite your mind and body by focusing on carrying out quiet and precise movements that require balance as well as concentration. Uniting you mind with your body will boost your mental and physical health.

The conscious breathing exercises specifically can help with the treatment of sleep apnea, along with other lifestyle modifications.

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Safety Issues

Hatha yoga is generally at least as safe as any other stretching-based exercise program. However there are a few hatha yoga positions, such as the headstand, that can cause injury when they are performed by a person who isn’t yet sufficiently advanced in yoga, or who has certain health problems, such as a detached retina. A properly qualified instructor can help you avoid injury, taking your own individual health status into account.

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