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Posted 8 years ago

I have Rhuematoid Arthritis, a recent discovery of a few months ago. However I've kept it under control without having to take the life threatening medications,Mexotrexate and Enbrel, which are usually recommended by doctors to shut down the over active immune system which is attacking the joints. Through a diet which excludes gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol or nightshade plants, my pain went away. I also had a slight tingling/numbing in one hand, Raynaud's Phenomenon, which often accompanies RA which also disappeared thanks to the good diet change.

Since Spirulina is purported to boost the immune system, and some manufacturers even claim it helps RA, I thought it would be a good supplement to take. I was wrong.

In only one day I noticed my fingers getting stiff agian. I thought maybe it was a food I might have eaten, and made sure I was very careful with my diet after that. But the RA pain, stiffness worsened. Finally by the 5th day I realized it must be the Spirulina and immediately stopped taking it.

After 2 days the RA pain diminished once again. But the tingling in one hand started up and got worse. I fought the one hand becoming numb 24/7. And suddenly my index fingers now are permanently stiff and sore. One now 'clicks' when bending, whereas it did not do that before taking the Spirulina. I was completely pain free before taking the Spirulina.

I am currently seeing RA doctors about this and not yet sure what can be done at this point. I since found a warning given by the Maryland Medical Center that no one with any auto-immune disease should take Spirulina, as it stimulates the immune system and makes the symptoms worse. Such warnings should be put on this product rather than the current false and harmful advertising. Spirulina, in my experience, had triggered the RA and made it much worse.

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n_geraldabdullah 4 years ago

I was diagnosed with Plague Psoriasis 2 years ago. I experienced numbness and stiffness in my left arm and fingers and gradually it became less numb. I stopped all medication about a year ago, as I am worried about the bad side effects of them. I applied shea butter on the affected area (60% of my body), using shea butter and goat milk soap, washing my clothes with detergent made for extra sensitive skin people and for babies., some change of diet and supplement like spirulina, acai etc.my embarrassing looking skin is back to normal (70% of the affected area) since 6 months ago..only both feet, part of hands and back of my neck ( comes and goes) still affected. A week ago my right hand started to hv slight numbness, weakness and stiffness with the fingers..I stopped visiting my specialist since i started my own 'medicine'..After reading your reply, i benefitted with new information regarding spirulina and its relation to numbness and that it shouldnt be taken by any auto immune disease patients...i will stop the spirulina immediately. TQ

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Posted 8 years ago

Awaiting further detail from this user...

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