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What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

Stimulants Side Effects and Warnings

Written by Molly Hartle.

All stimulation medications come with risks. Research shows that in both children and adults, stimulants are linked to an increase risk for heart attacks, stoke and high blood pressure. In addition to the increased risk for heart problems, stimulants have been associated with a slower growth rate in children. However more recent studies have shown that children with ADHD who take stimulation medication may have a slowing of growth rate but tend to catch up by the time they reach adolescence.7 Another study suggests that children with ADHD who take stimulants grow at the same rate as children with ADHD who don’t take stimulants. The study went on to conclude ADHD—not stimulants—may be the reason a slower growth rate in children.^^ Stimulants can also be dangerous for individuals with mental illness, as they can trigger psychosis, mania, aggression, hostility and/or suicidal tendencies.



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