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Superoxide Dismutase
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Posted 7 years ago

I have end stage liver disease, hep c, cirrhosis, diagnosed in 1998. in July 2014 i was dying fast, and the Doctor is waiting till they can see a mass, then do the transplant, well i knew i have to do something, because nothing else was working, so i started researching, that's fun...well it is March 2015, test in January 1015 revealed no masses, and my liver looked a lot better the tech said. well i am getting better, yep. you see with nothing to lose, i began juicing and doing a Gerson style regiment, supplements, coffee enemas, no table salt or sugar. i found that crushing the SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE tablet in to fine powder and adding it to the coffee enema to help clean the toxins out of my blood works great. Toxins in the blood are a bad thing, and i was searching for something to help besides Lasix, an LORD only knows what else they'd give ya. So no more drugs for me at this point, well i researched it and their are research papers with people and mice having very positive results using it in a enema. i have had no negative side effects doing this and it is not destroyed in the gut, doing this a tool i am using, my health is a lot better, and i am for the first time since 1998 getting better. i find the SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE truly is a blessing, it makes the healing crisis i have go quicker. i'm not a Doctor, just a Grandmother that is not finished here, 10 grandchildren, smile.... so i am fighting this mess with G_D leading me and for the first time winning! yay! and they think i need a new liver, not at this healing rate i won't. Shalom

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ritasharma 7 years ago

You are taking charge of your health journey--that's fantastic! Thanks for sharing your experience. Others in the community will benefit from your research and willingness to share. Best of health to you...