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Surgery Overview

Written by sshowalter.

Surgery is a branch of western medicine that deals with manually operating instruments to investigate or treat a condition such as disease or injury on a patient. Most surgical procedures either cut a person's tissue to directly access inside the body or close their tissue due to an open wound.

Types of Surgery

Emergency surgery - is any surgery which must be done immediately to save a patient's life, limb or functional capacity. This type of surgery is often carried out in an emergency room and often from a resulting traumatic event such as a car or home accident.

Exploratory surgery - is surgery done to help seek a diagnosis. This type of surgery is often used to diagnose or locate cancer.

Elective surgery - is surgery is carried out at the patient's request and is often beneficial to the patient, but treats a non-life-threatening condition such as cataracts or breast reduction.

Amputation - is surgery which requires cutting off of a part of the patient's body, most often a limb or digit due to an accident or cancer.

Replantation - surgery that reattaches a severed body part.

Reconstructive surgery - reconstructs an injured, mutilated or deformed part of the body.

Cosmetic surgery - elective surgery done to improve the appearance of a normally functioning body part. This most often carried out on the face.

Excision - is surgery that completely cuts out an organ, tissue or other of the patient's body parts.

Transplant surgery - surgery which replaces an organ or body part of one person with that same organ or body part from another human or even from an animal. These parts often come from donors who have opted to give away part of themeselves to help the person in need, or have recently died and allowed their body parts to be used for this purpose.

Open surgical procedure - surgery that requires that a large incision be made to see the area that need be accessed.

Minimally invasive surgery - is surgery that involves smaller outer incision(s) be made to insert miniaturized instruments within a body cavity or structure.

Laser surgery - is surgery that uses lasers to cut tissue instead of surgical instruments.



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