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Tocotrienols Usage

Written by FoundHealth.

Therapeutic Uses

While test-tube studies , animal studies , and open human trials seemed to suggest that tocotrienols can correct high cholesterol , 1 properly designed studies failed to find benefit. 2 3 Test-tube and animal studies, as well as one double-blind human trial have found promising hints that tocotrienols may help prevent cancer. 4 The double-blind study among these specifically found that tocotrienols might help prevent DNA damage, which could, in theory, help prevent many disease associated with aging, not just cancer. 5 However, none of this evidence rises above the level of "highly preliminary."

The hypothesis that tocotrienols can prevent heart disease simply by virtue of their antioxidant actions has lost favor, since the same hypothesis proved incorrect with vitamin E and beta-carotene .

The bottom line: The health benefits of tocotrienols, if there are any, remain to be established.


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