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Vitamin E
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I'm a professional and
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Posted 11 years ago

Awaiting further detail from this user...

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Posted 9 years ago

I took alpha & gamma vitamin E over 18 mths with other antioxidants /vitamins & had no side affects but when I mixed it with OPC grape seed in a high dose I became toxic that day. It is 3 mths and I'm experiencing severe pressure in my head. I used kale juice immediately as I knew I hardly eat dark green leaf vegetables and that seemed to help. I expected a defiency in vitamin K which apparently increases the possibility of side effects when taking high doses of Vitamin E. I stopped all antioxidants immediately. My diet is insufficent and do not eat meat. If anyone has any suggestions to help relieve the pressure I'm feeling in head or if how to treat toxicity it would be dearly appreciated. The head pressure eases when lying down.

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