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What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

X-ray Overview

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X-rays use a small dose of radiation to create pictures of the inside of the body.

X-ray of Teeth
X-ray of Teeth
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What to Expect

Prior to Test

Before your x-ray is taken, you may be asked to remove jewelry and put on a hospital gown.

Let your doctor know if you are pregnant.

Description of Test

A lead shield may be placed on parts of your body not being x-rayed. This will help to reduce your exposure to radiation. You will be placed against a device that holds the x-ray film, or you may be asked to hold a cassette against your body.

The x-ray device will be placed over the part of your body being studied. You will be asked to remain as still as possible while the images are captured.

After Test

Once the x-ray is complete, you will be able to resume your daily activities.

How Long Will It Take?

A few minutes

Will It Hurt?



The x-ray will be sent to a radiologist. A report will be sent to you and/or your doctor.



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