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Zone Diet
What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

Fattest Man in the world uses Zone diet to lose weight: His daily diet

Written by Alice.

Breakfast: 6 egg white scrambled eggs ¾ cup melon, ½ grapefruit, and 1 cup strawberries 3 tablespoons guacamole

Lunch: 3 ounces tuna salad with avocado and cucumber ½ grapefruit 3 cups vegetables

Snack: Protein Shake (3 scoops Zone Protein Powder in water, 18 peanuts, 3 peaches or 1 cup mandarin oranges, blended)

Dinner: Chicken Fajitas (3 oz. chicken, onions, peppers, and 1 6" tortilla) 2 cups vegetables

2nd Dinner: Fish Filet in Green Salad (4 oz. white fish, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, pumpkin, green beans, squash, and cucumbers) 3 tablespoons avocado 1 apple

Snack: Protein Shake (1 cup 2% milk, 3 scoops Zone Protein Powder, 9 almonds, Splenda, ½ cup strawberries, and 1 cup melon)


Jim. F.“Manuel Uribe: Zone Diet's Biggest Success Story,” DietBlog, Accessed Aug. 5th, 2011,


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