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Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Type 1)

12 Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Type 1) Treatments

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Cold sore treatments relieve cold sore symptoms like canker sores and other mouth sores caused by the herpes simplex type 1 virus. Cold sore remedies include medical cold sore treatments like Abreva, dietary cold sore treatments like lysine, and natural cold sore treatments like homeopathic medicine. Don't let herpes simplex symptoms keep you in pain, explore the wheel for Medicine, Herbs, Diet, Body, Mind, and Spirit cold sore treatments to help you get rid of cold sores.

What are Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Type 1)?
Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Type 1) Causes
Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Type 1) Symptoms
Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Type 1) Diagnosis
Preventing Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Type 1)
Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex Type 1) Resources
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