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BIG BAD CORN. Long treated as a boon for America, the corn industry has consistently proven itself to be anything but beneficial for the country. The food produced using corn, particularly High Fructose Corn Syrup, has been correlated with Diabetes, Hypertension, and Heart Disease. The fuel produced from corn was once touted as a sustainable fuel source – turns out, it causes substantial Green House Gas emissions, and disrupts the agriculture industry in countless ways. Despite these evils, America continues to invest in corn at an astounding rate.

Check out this infographic detailing the evils of the corn industry. Thank you to Hannah Edwards from for sharing this great content with FoundHealth.



8 Responses to Big Bad Corn – An Infographic on America’s Scary Corn Industry

  1. JON says:

    Yes, I see there are problems with high fructose corn syrup,and ethanol from corn. Is there a problem with consuming corn itself?

    • Corn: Undigestible by mankind. Create gas, cramping and joint pain in any with sensitivity. TO make this point clear, I have a family member that works in waste water management and they say they can always tell when corn is in season, It floats on the top of the settling ponds – so high starch, sugar and undigestible – need I say more.

  2. Harold Howard says:

    I have found that most people just don’t care as long as their food is cheap so they can afford to buy their toys; eg. quads, 4 X4 trucks, boats, RV’s. You try to warn them about their health and they get mad at you. They really don’t realize that without their health they are not going to be around to enjoy the toys.

    • Julisa says:

      Yes, that’s sad, but true. Americans typically feel absolutely entitled to the cheepest, easiest, most mouth satisfying food without wanting to think about health consequences. Then when they are really sick, they think doctors will give them all the answers and take care of it. Most doctors don’t take a single class in nutrition in school.

      • Rickie Clemens says:

        I’m allergic to corn!.. and it’s in everything! I was diagnosed at the age of 10 with arthritis (swelling, joint pain-crying myself to sleep every night from the pain, and they told me I’d see crippling effects by the time I was 18)Then one day I had to have a blood test and my white blood cells were off the chart and I was sent to a allergy DR. CORN!!! – So today I”m corn free, over 60 yrs old, and my DR., who’s 25 yrs younger, is amazed with my bloodwork; lowest cholesterol she’s ever seen, etc., everything is..(for any age) She asked about my diet, and I said it must be the corn I can’t eat. Also, my brother-in-law is an auto mechanic, and he’s seeing an alarming rate of vehicles with fuel problems;(which an anti-ethanol additive helps). Corn is sticky and sweet, why are we being forced to use it in our vehicles, boats, RV’s etc.??! I just remembered the blood test was for diabetes…,besides the aches, swelling, etc., I was fainting all the time at the age of 22(with a 2 and 4 yr old) The “corn is good for you” adds on TV really piss me off! Now they’re saying fuel emissions are bad from it, pretty soon I’ll never be able to go outside!! The main reason I took the time to respond to this is that one out of four people are allergic to corn(as of twenty yrs ago-I’m pretty sure it’s alot worse now), I was given a 3 pg. list of what I could’t have, including paper plates, envelopes, most pills(held together by corn), soda pops, POTATO chips, etc, etc. Read the labels! If you are having health issues causing aches,pains, swelling,sugar problems(either high or low), just cut out corn products for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference!

  3. jerry says:

    I read not long ago One of the big oil companies Plans to or have started blending sugar into gasoline.

    corn syrup for the people and REAL Sugar for the automobiles.

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