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Dr. Mark Hyman, the author of bestsellers UltraMetabolism and The UltraMind Solution, just released his latest book The Blood Sugar Solution. This book presents a program for reversing diabetes and fighting the little-known epidemic, diabesity. Hyman asserts that, instead of medical interventions, we need to fight diabesity with lifestyle interventions. The approach proclaims that behavior changes that lead to healthier lifestyle choices will cut diabesity off at the root in our society. Hyman makes convincing points that drive that message home throughout the book.

The Blood Sugar Solution is more than what is implied in its title. It is more than a solution for blood sugar management. Throughout your lifetime, health challenges will significantly impact either you or someone you love. The Blood Sugar Solution is a valuable resource for everyone that desires a longer, healthier life.

Three key elements that make The Blood Sugar Solution valuable are inclusiveness, comprehensiveness, and personalization.


My first impression upon sitting down to read The Blood Sugar Solution was its inclusive nature. The case studies and examples range from health nuts to people with full-blown diabesity.

An effect of Dr. Hyman’s inclusivity, the book was entirely accessible. The inclusive tone was conversational. I felt like Dr. Hyman was talking to me. The primary message was that we all need reliable health information and support to optimize our quality of life.


My second impression of The Blood Sugar Solution was its comprehensive overview of diabesity. The epidemic is not caused by any one factor independently. Diet, lack of exercise, genetics, and environmental toxins each play a role in this wide reaching health challenge.

Instead, the dynamic interplay of all these elements contributes to the challenge of diabesity. The message here is we must choose to be conscientious consumers to enjoy optimal health.


Finally, the third impressive element of The Blood Sugar Solution is personalization. Throughout the book, Dr. Hyman provides self-tests, and recommendations for follow up medical tests. Then, he guides you through a six-week program based on those results.

The effect of making the book personalized is the resulting feeling of empowerment, which is my primary takeaway upon completing the reading. I am not destined to be diabetic or obese, and I need not play victim to big food or big pharma. I am now armed with the tools I need to make informed choices for my health and longevity.

The Longer Journey

I obviously hold a high opinion of this comprehensive program. However, I’m also aware that this is only the first step in a long personal, medical, and societal journey. A six-week program is great for building an initial framework for healthy habits.

However, the challenge that remains is creating sustained lifestyle changes over extended periods of time. Making initial healthy choices is a tremendous victory. We will all need to continue choosing that victory each day, as we carve out our paths to health.

The Blood Sugar Solution is more than a guidebook for fighting diabetes. I highly recommend it as a valuable reference for anyone who wants to live healthier and feel great. You can’t make a better choice for your health!

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  1. Austin Bunch says:

    How does this comepare with the book “Wheat Bellies” and does this book talk about the effects of wheat on diabets?

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