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A lot of us are beginning to associate technology with stress (that cool new smartphone that buzzes every time you get an email can get a lot less cool pretty quickly.)  But there are several companies and developers out there that have created applications that can help reduce stress and maybe even help you meditate or practice yoga!  Today we’re sharing just a few of your options in both the mobile and computer application worlds.

1. Simply Being (iOS, Android, Blackberry):  This is a great guided meditation app for all you smartphone users out there.  Mary and Richard Maddux serve as your guides through your choice of  a 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute meditation session.  There’s also the option to include music and/or nature sounds!  This is a great option for anyone with an interest in learning how to meditate but could use a little help getting started!

2. Yoga (Mac): We’ve discussed the benefits of yoga for the mind and body here as well as on the main site, but this app can help you change it from something you’re familiar with to something you do!  With a database of over 250 poses, all explained and illustrated, it’s like a yoga dictionary!  Use it to create routines, or use one that they provide for you to get started!  Did we mention it’s free?

3. At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief (iOS): Worried about that presentation that’s coming up?  Headed to a big interview?  Your iPhone just might make things a little easier!  Using breathing meditations as well as journaling and other exercises, At Ease helps you practice mindfulness.  By the end of a session, your thoughts should be focused on enjoying the present moment instead of worrying about that meeting!

4. Nature Sound Therapy (PC): Wanna get away?  A plane ticket might not be an option, so you PC users can try this instead!  Offering 34 customizable nature sounds and a number of built-in visuals, this is a great way to find a quiet place in a busy and stressful environment.  Give it a try for a week and if you like it, unlock the full version.

5. Kindle (Everything!):  Though we’re pretty sure you already know how important reading is, you might not know how easy it is to do on the go these days!  Amazon  has made a version of their Kindle app (designed to mimic the interface of their e-reader of the same name) for pretty much every major phone and computer operating system.  Combine that with a very large selection of free eBooks and you’ll be reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on the subway, all for free, in no time!

Try out some of the apps above and let us know if they make your day a little less stressful!  In the meantime, are there any other applications you already use?  Tell us about them!

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