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24 Melanoma Treatments

Take an Integrated Approach to Your Care

Melanoma treatment varies according to the stage of your melanoma symptoms and include natural herbal and dietary skin cancer treatments. Medical cancer treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy can reduce or remove malignant melanoma tumors in their early phases. Explore the wheel for Medicine, Herbs, Diet, Body, Mind, and Spirit treatments you can incorporate into a comprehensive melanoma treatment plan to help you win the battle against skin cancer, regardless of your cancer prognosis.

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My wife fought (and thankfully won) a very difficult battle with Stage 4 melanoma. I was there every step of the way with her, helping, researching, learning. I know a ton about how to fight melanoma and win!

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My brother has stage 4 melanoma and had 2 weeks of radiation to his brain and now will start on zelboraf tomorrow. Any advice for us?

Asked 11 years ago | 7 answers | 0 found this useful
samathastyles0 answered:

I just experience the wonders of Dr Zico herbs. Nature will continue to bless you Dr Zico more abundantly for the good work you are doing in peoples life by curing them from different type of...

After a pos biopsy ( early stage) does every day count , or can I wait a week for Dr I want?

Asked 10 years ago | 5 answers | 0 found this useful
samathastyles0 answered:

Are you trying to conceive, worry no more. It all happens as a miracle with the help of Dr Zico who my friend introduced me to when i was in pains, suffering from several miscarriages issues trying...

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