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1) Have a walk

Exercise, even in its simplest forms, has potential to prevent diseases of the body and the mind, including diabetes, depression, and hypertension.  Find a safe, preferably green place to stroll and be alone with your thoughts, and maybe sneak in a deep breath here and there.  A healthy exercise routine is not as intimidating as you might think.  One study found that four 10-minute “snacks” of aerobic exercise per day were as effective at lowering blood pressure as 40 minutes of continuous exercise.  Check out more of the scientific evidence for exercise.


 2) Take a bath

Can you think of anything more relaxing?  According to Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The Blood Sugar Solution, 95% of disease is caused or worsened by stress. When you’re stressed out, your body ups its production of the hormone cortisol.  When cortisol is chronically present in excess, it can cause elevated blood sugar and ultimately make you more susceptible to diabetes.  Cortisol and other stress hormones can also cause memory loss and dementia.  It also suppresses the immune system and can actually deteriorate muscle and bone. Read Dr. Hyman’s full article on stress reduction.3) Eat or drink something green

And it doesn’t have to be broccoli!  Of course, a few vegetables never hurt anyone, but drinking green tea or the dietary supplement green coffee bean extract (GCBE) are great additional ways to support weight loss, reduce blood pressure, improve energy, and possibly prevent hypertension.  Check out this comparison between the health benefits of the two green power-substances.  A 12-week study on green coffee bean extract showed an average weight loss of 5.4 kg for participants taking the supplement, compared to a 1.4 kg average loss for the placebo group.  Read more information about research on Green Coffee Bean Extract and Green Tea.

4) Skip the meat (at least today)

            There’s no consensus about whether a strict vegetarian diet is the absolute healthiest way to live, or if some animal protein here and there is necessary for optimal health.  This discussion about vegetarian against animal protein, moderated by experts in the field of nutrition, breaks down the pros and cons.  This is where your personal investigation comes in – figuring out what makes you feel your best.  It’s important to be careful about the source of your meats, choosing grass fed or organic beef products whenever possible.  However, if you spend a day or two a week on the meat-free train, there will be more room in your diet for vegetables, fruits, and healthy grains.  When it comes to good nutrition, it’s all about variety.  See if you can fill the meat gap with something colorful and delicious.

5) Have a “clean-food” day

Just to see what it’s like.  Are you consuming dangerous substances like monosodium glutamate (MSG) and high fructose corn syrup regularly without even knowing it? Today, skip the fast food and see if you can access the ingredients in everything you eat.  Limit your intake to foods containing five or fewer ingredients.  If you see that something contains MSG or high fructose corn syrup, back away!  Find more guidance on eating clean from Dr. Hyman.  At the end of your clean-food day notice whether your focus, productivity, or mood have changed.  Keep it up, and the changes in your body will follow closely behind!

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