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Sleep Apnea

15 Sleep Apnea Treatments

Take an Integrated Approach to Your Care

Sleep apnea treatments eliminate sleep apnea causes, and reduce sleep apnea symptoms like snoring so you can sleep safely. Whether you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, or mixed sleep apnea, medical sleep apnea treatments like surgery or other alternative sleep apnea remedies reduce airway obstructions to restore healthy nighttime breathing. Explore the wheel for Medicine, Herbs, Diet, Body, Mind, and Spirit sleep apnea treatments and discover a sleep apnea treatment plan that works for you.

What is Sleep Apnea?
Sleep Apnea Causes
Sleep Apnea Symptoms
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Preventing Sleep Apnea
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1 contributions

1 contributions


Are there any natural cures for sleep apnea? Can you tell what they are?

Asked 12 years ago | 1 answer | 0 found this useful
Olivia Cerf
Olivia Cerf answered:

Good question. If you're trying to avoid surgery or medicine, it's worth considering specially-designed pillows for sleep apnea. Because so often sleep apnea has to do with weight, [diets for...

Is there any specific changes to one's diet that can be made to resolve sleep apnea?

Asked 12 years ago | 1 answer | 0 found this useful
vikdad1 answered:

From what I have read, the dietary changes needed are similar to those needed for getting healthy in general. I read that being overweight effects the neck & trunk area, making it harder to breathe at...

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