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20 Psoriasis Treatments

Take an Integrated Approach to Your Care

Psoriasis treatments alleviate psoriasis symptoms like flaking skin and inflammation, as well as secondary psoriasis symptoms like depression and anxiety. Medical psoriasis treatments include topical and laser therapy, while psoriasis diets and natural psoriasis remedies can be effective alternative psoriasis treatments whether you suffer from arthritic, guttate, pustular, or plaque psoriasis. Explore the wheel for Medicine, Herbs, Diet, Body, Mind, and Spirit to create a psoriasis treatment plan to help arrest your psoriasis symptoms.

What is Psoriasis?
Psoriasis Causes
Psoriasis Symptoms
Psoriasis Diagnosis
Preventing Psoriasis
Psoriasis Resources
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I have learned about psoriasis through my graduate studies. I also know people who have psoriasis.

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