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Dr. Amy Ahlfeld sits down with to discuss providing mental health care, self care, methods for a happier life, and how the pandemic has affected healthcare. Dr. Amy Ahlfeld is an executive development coach and licensed clinical psychologist specializing in helping women find congruence, authenticity, and fulfillment to have even greater personal and professional impact. From her experience, Dr. Ahlfeld is aware of the challenges medical practitioners face and understands the importance of personal well-being. A key ingredient for practitioners to maintain their energy and effectiveness, is their ability to summon their resiliency, resourcefulness, relationships and relevance.  Dr. Ahlfeld specializes in providing behavioral interventions and frequently consults with physicians and business executives on how to enhance life satisfaction.

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Foundhealth is about bringing a wide variety of health solutions for a multitude of health concerns. As a healthcare practitioner how do you think your work fits into the overall healthcare needs of people?


Looking at mental health and wellness as a whole, how do you think people can best prioritize their needs, both with and without professional help?


Why is it important for individuals with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder to seek lifestyle and alternative health practices to improve their day to day?


How has the CoronaVirus pandemic changed the way healthcare is given and received?


What are some of the differences between what people think will make them happy and what actually does?

Amy J. Ahlfeld, Psy.D., PSY 24598

2530 J Street, Suite 310, Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone – (916) 799-3866

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