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Imagine your excitement as you realize that you’ve just released the blockage that was preventing you from moving ahead in life. It’s a breakthrough on your path to becoming more perfect than you were before. Removing fears that have stifled your true abilities and blocked your progress can be life-altering.

Richard Bergin’s techniques and expertise has these results on people. His techniques allow people to overcome limiting beliefs and phobias, resolve issues that couldn’t quite be explained.

The techniques I use allow you to quickly access your unconscious minds storage system to see aspects of yourself from perspectives that your conscious mind has no access to. Once you can see your blind spots in this way, transformational changes can take place.

He is board certified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release Therapy® (M.E.R.®) and Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy from the Association for Integrative Psychology.

Learn Richard’s Tools for a Happier and More Fulfilling Life sat down with Richard to discuss some of his practices and techniques for healthier living. Watch the interviews here:

Foundhealth is about bringing a wide variety of health solutions for a multitude of health concerns. As a healthcare practitioner how do you think your work fits into the overall healthcare needs of people?

I have had multiple energy sessions with you and I have really enjoyed them and found a deeper understanding of my energies and subconscious, what can you say about the power of energy healing?

In your video titled “Sad to Happy Instantly!” you talk about methods and practices that everyone can utilize to live a happier life. You talk a lot about the importance of the subconscious mind and its power in causing our emotions, can you touch on that a little bit?

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Richard Bergin

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